Preferred Vendors

All vendors hired to work your event must be licensed and insured.  Before securing your vendors (event planner, DJ, photographer, caterer, additional tables/decorations, etc) the vendors must be approved by the rental manager. This needs to be completed months before your event to make certain that all required documents are completed.

We have created a preferred vendor list of pre-approved vendors we know and trust and who have provided the required insurance documentation.  We suggest starting your search with these. If your vendor is not on our preferred list, please note that each vendor must have business liability insurance.  The Junior League of Greater Lakeland, Inc. must be listed as an additional insured a certificate of liability to be allowed to serve on the property. Below please find the insurance requirements for each vendor.

Insurance requirements: A minimum single limit of One Million Dollars ($1,000,000.00) on account of bodily injuries to or death of any person and on account of damage to property, each on an occurrence basis. The insurance shall protect JLGL against any and all claims for injuries to or death of persons, and for damage to, destruction of, or loss of use of property occurring in, upon, or about the Facility. Such insurance shall be issued by an insurance company having at least an A-rating and in form satisfactory to JLGL. A certificate and endorsement shall be furnished to JLGL prior to the commencement of the Event. Please see SAMPLES of the required insurance documents. DOWNLOAD SAMPLE

We will continue to add vendors to this list. Expired policies will be updated.

Event Planning/Decor/Flowers

Food Catering

Alcohol Service

  • Southside Package & Liquor • 863.683.4703 ‎
  • Spunky Spirits • 813-431-7131  •



Party Rentals

Additional vendors who have provided services in the past with insurance and could again with an updated additional insured certificate. These vendors are not considered “ready to go” like the ones above.

 If you are interested in becoming a preferred vendor, please complete the online form.  We will contact you once it is received.